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Live Music DFW Blog, Week of 5/19/13

Well, well, well, hello there internet. So I decided to combine two of my passions; writing and music. I like to tell stories in many ways, and share, so I went ahead and started this music blog. My goal here is to discuss upcoming shows and post events, and maybe even write reviews of live music that I am aware of going on in the DFW area. This was inspired by my Facebook Group DFW Deadheads, so feel free to join that group as well. Like that, I encourage others to contribute, write comments, what have you. Let's make this bad boy come alive! I'd like this to become a functioning Music Blog for everything music in DFW! My personal tastes are geared more towards blues, jam, jazz, and funk, but I will include as many different types of music as I can. Thanks for reading! Let's kick this off!

DFW Live Music Blog, Week of 5/19/13

Tuesday 5/21
For you county fans out there, we've got Gary Kyle and The No Standards Band. They are sort of a blend of soulful country, bluegrass and Americana. He reigns form Kingwood Texas, just outside Houston and will be playing at Flip's Patio in Ft. Worth Texas. The info for the event is here.

Also we have Paul Demer playing in Bedford. It's kind of an Indy Rock sound, and this is a kid guys. Like he is 20 and goes to UTA (University of Texas at Arlington). I took a listen, and he is very talented. Paul has a great sound as far as Indy Rock goes. Below is him doing a Neil Young Cover. Details here.

Wednesday 5/22
On Wednesday, you can go check out Ratt, a hard rock group based out of LA. Their sound reminds me a bit of Foreigner/Styx type of music. They will be playing at the House of Blues in Downtown Dallas. Information located here.

Also on Wednesday, there is a show at Filter's Smokeshop in North Richland Hills TX. This event is Sponsored by DFW NORML and will feature performances by The Effinays and The Nappy Roots. Nappy Roots is like Hip-hop/R&B/Reggae/Funk. I have never seen them live, but their recordings are bumpin. Now the Effinays I've seen twice. They are awesome; Funk/Reggae/Jam music, and they are based here in Dallas. These guys are the real deal, and will be going on their first tour soon, making a stop at Wakarusa 2013. Details can be found here.

Thursday 5/23
We've got Delta Rae playing at the Kessler in Deep Ellum TX. Their Facebook page describes them as being like "Mumford & Sons meets Fleetwood Mac -- an Alt-Pop band with four lead singers whose music incorporates all aspects of Americana." Very interesting to say the least. Check out the details here.

Friday 5/24
Down to the Green Elephant for a little MONTU and Dimitri's Ascent. MONTU is a Jamtronica/Trance/Rock group from Norman OK, and Dimitri's Ascent is out of Austin TX playing Jamtronica/Jazz. Here is the info.

Saturday 5/25
Checking out Schroomville in Richardson TX. They are an Allman Brothers Cover Band based here in Dallas. They will be playing at the Line Sport's Bar, info here.

      You can always find more shows I have not featured here at Jambase.com, as well as venue's websites. Keep checking back, I will update shows weekly. Keep jamming  my friends!


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