Thursday, May 23, 2013

FREE MUSIC 7 nights a week @ Sundown at Granada

Hey Music Peeps,
While I am sure a good amount of you are aware, I'd like to take this time to inform the unknowledgeable amongst our music-going friends. The Granada theater is on Lower Greenville. This is a music venue similar to others, where great acts come through and you buy tickets to go see them. However, go outside, and right next to the Granada, is Sundown baby! Sundown at Granada has live music performances 7 nights a week, from 11pm-2am. It is a fully functioning bar/grill, that just so happens to have the perk of having a $0 cover charge. That's right, you can have the same excellent caliber musicians performing at Sundown that you would have to pay for at their neighbor. I saw an awesome show at the Granada a few months ago, where A Live One played and you had to purchase a ticket. I went back several weeks later, and A Live One was playing a set at Sundown! It's hella cool guys, definitely check it's free! Here is their lineup for this week (sorry it so late in the week):

Sundown's webpage is here. Keep jammin' my friends!

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