Monday, October 28, 2013

Featured Shows; Week of 10/27/13

Hello all my fellow Texas music goers! This week in DFW, there is plenty of live music to sufice your spooky Halloween party appetite. Without further ado, your weekly Live Music DFW featured shows:

Monday 10/28
Let's start off this week with a little Reggae Monday! Head on down to the Sundown at Granada to catch the David Willingham Project, a local act who has a residency at Sundown this month. Check them out, more show info here.

Tuesday 10/29
Tuesday marks a night of Jazz with 508 Park Ave at the Absinthe Lounge. Based here in Dallas, they are a crossover band that combines a unique sounds of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Soul. Show info here.

Wednesday 10/30
Smile Empty Soul, a band from California leads a Hard Rock-filled night at Trees. On Wednesday. Together since 1998, they've put out 6 studio albums, and 2 EPs. More show info can be found here.

Thursday 10/31
A night of spooky good fun, as we celebrate Halloween here in DFW at the House of Blues. Their event The Rocking Dead Halloween Extravaganza, will have musical acts on all stages throughout the night, as well as headliners Graceland Ninjas (Elvis Impersonator-fronted party band), and Here Come the Mummies, a Funk/R&B group out of Tennesee, that performs in full Mummy costumes. The whole night of music costs $15, additional show info can be found here.

Friday 11/1 A Live One, Phish tribute form Austin brings their famed Halloween show (Emulating Phish's Annual Costume Musical Set) to Dallas with 3 sets of music on the outdoor Stage. The costume album has not been disclosed yet, but previous years of A Live One's Halloween have been Prince's Purple Rain and the Blues Brothers Soundtrack. Friday at the Green Elephant, more show infor here.

Saturday 11/2
Granada is a funky good time with Galactic & Dirty Dozen on Saturday. Both hailing from New Orleans, this promises to be a night of Funk, ROck and Jazz. Together for their Halloween 3 night run, Galactic and Dirty Dozen will pack the house Saturday at 9pm. More show info here.

That's it for this week of live music in DFW! Thanks all for continuing to read, and please, we always love to recieve feed back so leave a comment or post on our FB page. Thanks everybody and keep jammin' my friends!

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  1. For All you Grateful Dead fans out there, local band Forgotten Space plays Reckoning and Deadset at Poor David's Pub Friday Nov. 1st. Show info below and a video!