Sunday, July 28, 2013

Become Part of the Live Music DFW Team!

Attention Bloggers, Photographers, Videographers, Promoters…

Live Music DFW, an organization devoted to the unification and promotion of live, local music in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, is looking for contributors.  As of recent, I have been the only contributor to the blog and Facebook pages, but seeing as this strives to be a community, we are opening up for interested candidates.

This will be an unpaid endeavor, as all parties involved are doing this as a labor of love. As we become more established, there might be paid opportunities in the future. However, contributors will have a lot of freedom when it comes to articles, pictures, videos, etc.  Specifically, we are looking for people to cover shows based on location or genre; i.e. Denton-based blogger, Arlington-based photographer, Metal-genre videographer, Country-genre promoter…

Bloggers must develop story ideas, and always need to have new ideas for content on the blog that people want to read. They will be challenged with the task of writing pieces that intrigue readers, making them want to keep coming back and reading their new posts.

Promoters need to get the word out about the blog to new readers to get more clicks. To do this, they can do a number of things, including commenting on other blogs and putting a link to Live Music DFW blog in the comment, linking to other blogs on the blog, and using social media to get the Live Music DFW blog posts in front of people who might be interested in reading it.

Videographers/Photographers must have an excellent eye for creative detail when capturing, editing, and assembling footage into a video/album. Need to provide own equipment, and have a working knowledge of all software involved (i.e. Photoshop, Instagram, Vine, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Avid…)

Live Music DFW’s objectives are to:
  • Create a community of music in DFW, and be a resource to all parties involved (Bands, Venues, Show-goers)
  • Provide show and journalistic content for the Live Music DFW Blog (Featured Shows, Reviews, Interviews, Band Profiles, Photo/video, Free Shows, Digital Concerts…)
  • Promote local acts, labels and venues. (Work in conjunction with venues, Bands, Promotions companies, Booking agents, organizations…)
  • Find and post all live music to all media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Create Blog Calendar)
If you believe that this seems right for you, please apply. To do so, please email a sample of your work (blog post, pictures, video…if you don’t have one for a local show in DFW, please go to one and submit that as your sample) to along with your current contact information. We are very excited at the prospect of everybody’s involvement, and look forward to receiving the applications.

Scott Wayne
Live Music DFW

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